Monday, September 1, 2014


School Day   VS.    Chill Day

As school is about to start, I'm trying my best to keep myself organized and ready for my first week so I can go through it as smoothly as possible (so I don't get as desperate).
With that being said, I already have my school bag prepared and I'm going to show you what I keep inside it, as well as what i carry on when in a casual day.

ZARA black bag
I always keep my Lush Santa Baby lip tint, my H&M lip balm, my Graphic Calculator and some change on my school bag
I dont like using watches but I always carry one on my bag (this one is from Parfois)
Mango Clutch that I use as a pencil case

On a more casual day I only keep some change in my bag and a notebook, as well as some other essentials such as my house keys and my bus and school cards.

What do YOU keep in your bag? xo


  1. I really like that clutch you're using as a pencil case! I'm usually carrying around way too much stuff, haha!

    Jules x

    1. Thank you!
      I used to be like that too! Now i keep it simple x

  2. love the bag and thanks for the tips, never thought of taking deodorant with me but def a good idea!

    1. It's a must for me because of P.E at school!
      Love your blog x