Monday, September 1, 2014


I was looking for some good deals the other day when i got in TEZENIS and saw they were having a sale: most of the bras were 5€. They know what I'm about.

I searched through it and found this triangle bra. I've been wanting one ever since I started seeing so many pictures of them on Tumblr and on some of my favorite bloggers.

Because it has no wires, this bra doesn't offer much support. However, it makes it really comfortable.

This bra has kind of a satin texture combined with lace, which makes it more interesting and sexy

Personally, I like to wear these kind of bras under shirts, leaving them unbuttoned so the bra can peek through and add something to the outfit. Another option is using it under muscle tees so the side of the bra shows.

You can find this bra at the TEZENIS website here

What's your favorite way to style these? xo


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